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Public Opinion vs. God's Point of View

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Merriam Webster defines "public opinion" as the predominant attitude of a community as well as the summation of public expression regarding a specific issue or event.

Within today's society, public opinion in many instances is accepted as truth and has become the standard by which many govern their lives. Unfortunately, the body of Christ has also embraced this ideology in that if a person of status, affluence or notoriety shares thoughts, statements, quotes or opinions which become popular or go viral, it must hold some element of truth because "so-and-so" said it.

This warped way of thinking has brought about a great predicament not only in society but within the Christian church at large in that public opinion, without hesitation, reservation, verification or validation is readily accepted, trusted and implemented. The danger of adopting such practice and behavior is the eventual collapse and malfunction of one's life.

Inevitable is this outcome when fallacy becomes the foundation of our decisions and judgements. According to Matthew 7:24-25, if a house is built upon a steadfast, unfaltering, unfluctuating foundation, collapse and calamity would not be its demise.

However, on the other hand verses 26-27 of the same chapter portrays the opposite outcome when sand is used as the foundation for building. Great was the fall of the house, for it was built upon that which was frail and precarious, lacking the forcefulness required to support its weight. I liken public opinion to that of sand and the word of God (God's point of view, His attitude and/or way of considering matters) to that of rock.

Allowing the predominant attitude of the community or the summation of public expression to influence our decision making and prohibit sound judgments that align with the constitution of God (the Holy Scriptures), in which govern the nation of Jesus Christ, has contributed to the tremendous increase of compromise that exists within today's 21st century church. Our responsibility, position and posture as God's elect, is to fully support, uphold and defend at all cost, His point of view and His alone.

Contrary to popular belief, God's not interested in one's opinion or outlook regarding matters He's already established laws concerning and settled according to His will in eternity before time or creation began (Ps. 119:89). Hence, the apostle Paul admonishes believers to relinquish their mind (psyche, judgments and mindsets) for the mind of Christ (Phil. 2:5), because Christ's ways of thinking are superior to ours and in perfect harmony with Father God's will in which we, as citizens of His nation, should conform to. The time has come for the true church of Jesus Christ to emerge from the shadows, discarding the garments of timidity and intimidation so that we're able to take our place as guardians and defenders of Jesus our Sovereign King.

Holding fast to biblical perspectives will result in encountering controversy, opposition, persecution and even abandonment. Nonetheless, you can rest assured if you stand for and defend God, He'll stand for and defend you (Rom. 8:31). Prophetically, I declare that the church will no longer be dictated to by public opinion for it is aligning itself with God's point of view (His word) for His is the only perspective that matters.

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