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A Changed Life is the Consequence of an Empowered Mind

To think differently is the beginning of transformation and innovation. The word different means not ordinary or expected. Those who cease aligning with the status quo, commonality, and familiarity posture themselves to transition from mundane to extraordinary, from impossibilities to possibilities, and from excuses to exploits. Refuse to arrive and operate in the upcoming year on the same cognitive plain as you did this year. Challenge yourself to comprehend and function outside the parameters of comfort and normality, stretching the capacity of your mind to think like Christ, operating and dominating in life according to the thoughts of God.

Proverbs 23:7 contributes life's outcomes and experiences to our thoughts, concepts, and ideas. That which dominates the mind materializes into reality and will soon dominate life. Thoughts produce vocabulary, words construct atmospheres, and environments render particular outcomes. Life experiences, for the most part, are predicated on what proceeds from our mouths (Proverbs 6:2). It's imperative to note that an impoverished life is the result of a poverty mentality. This type of mindset is incapable of producing positive, progressive change. A changed life is the consequence of an empowered mind. Challenge yourself to think critically to expand your consciousness beyond superficial and cultural comprehension of how you view yourself. The grasshopper, inferior, doormat Christian mindset is of no value to the Sovereign. We must adjust our perspective to align with the principles, strategies, and behaviors required to participate in the "new thing" of God.

"Every new move begins in the womb of the old" (Dr. Paula Price). Hence lies the challenge of shifting from old ideologies, traditions, and concepts necessary to accept and comprehend God's new directives. The 21st-century Church can no longer afford to think, function, and operate evangelically; instead, we must put on the militant mind of Christ to shift the tides of darkness. An empowered mind governed by the principles of scripture is what it's going to take for the Church to reign and dominate again on earth as it once did. Empowering your mind isn't accomplished solely through prayer, Bible reading, and fasting. It takes investing in high-level training and education to transform potential into potency and power, usable and beneficial to the Lord's endeavors. One of the significant issues God has had with the Church is her satisfaction and tolerance of inadequate training, which made mediocrity the standard throughout the body of Christ.

The minimum requirements are no longer accepted! Maximum effort and support are the order of the day as God reclaims His throne of Sovereign rule and authority on the earth and throughout the world. The time has come for us to empower and align our thinking with the Spirit of Truth, enabling Christ to indue and endow us with the power of His might to defeat His adversaries. God warrants our best, so let's stop excusing our indolence and wake up, rise, and defend our King by empowering our thinking to change lives according to the will, purpose, and plan of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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