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Do Your Actions Demonstrate the Honor Principle?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

When we think of honor, it's generally in the context of respect, esteem, and reference. Though honor does entail those as mentioned, it encompasses so much more. Honor is a spiritual law and principle. This concept of honor is seldom understood or practiced.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Minister Jamelle Sanders regarding his newest book, Honor: The Law that Governs Greatness. During the discussion, Min. Sanders shared how the principle of honor changed the trajectory of his life. He went on to say, "Honor is the courage, willingness, and commitment to leave everything that you know and everything familiar to you, to follow God on a journey that you're not aware of where He's taking you." Wow! I was utterly blown away by that statement. I'd never heard honor defined in those terms.

At that moment, I realized that honor is the highest form of trust and that the implementation of this principle has more to do with actions rather than words. Honor demonstrates obedience to a divine summonsing that requires absolute abandonment of the future you had planned to embrace the destiny God constructed. Our inability to honor God to such a degree curtails the potential of greatness He's destined for our lives.

During the interview, minister Sanders stated that honor isn't an entitlement; character warrants it. He went on to say, "position is respected but character is honored." Too many, due to misappropriating the principle of honor, extend it to those whose character disqualifies them. Hence opportunities, favor, and advantages are forfeited because honor was misplaced, violating the laws that govern it. When comprehension of this spiritual law (principle) is received and accurately applied, the trajectory of your life will change to align with God's purpose and destiny concerning you.

Be sure to download the podcast interview with Minister Jamelle Sanders as he masterfully walks you through this powerful revelation concerning honor from his newest book, Honor: The Principle that Governs Greatness.

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