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  • Founder/President of C. T. Johnson Ministries International

  • Served in public ministry for over 28 years

  • Published Author

  • Podcast host of A Biblical Perspective, listen to in over 43 Nations (

  • Former TV host- The Prophetic Voice aired on

  • Former Radio host- The Empowering Word Broadcast aired in all of Middle GA

  • United States Air Force Master Sergeant (Retired-23 years)

  • Married to the wife of his youth, Mrs. Jessica D. Johnson, for 20 years

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Prophet Charlton Terrill Johnson is a distinguished native of Charleston, South Carolina, whose journey has been marked by a profound commitment to service and spiritual enlightenment. With an educational foundation in Human Resource Management, he holds an AAS from the Community College of the Air Force and a BAS from Wayland Baptist University. Currently, Prophet Johnson is ardently pursuing a Master of Divinity in Professional Chaplaincy from Liberty University, a testament to his enduring dedication to his calling.


For over 29 years, Prophet Johnson has illuminated the path of spirituality through his dynamic public ministry. His credentials as an ordained prophet are underscored by his certification as a registered chaplain with the esteemed American Association of Registered Chaplains. Prophet Johnson is also a published author with two impactful books. He imparts invaluable wisdom as a trainer in ministry protocols, catalyzing growth in individuals and communities alike. Moreover, he has exemplified visionary leadership as a church planter, sowing the seeds of faith in fertile hearts.


The resonant voice of Prophet Johnson extends beyond the pulpit to the digital realm. As the host of "A Biblical Perspective" podcast, aired in over 43 countries on the Charisma Podcast Network, he reaches diverse souls seeking spiritual nourishment.


Prophet Johnson is an esteemed New Era Apostleship Restitution (NEAR) member, a Kingdom-driven collaborative guided by its distinguished Founder and Chief Apostle, Dr. Paula A. Price, Ph.D., a best-selling author renowned for her work, "The Prophet's Dictionary."


In his capacity as the President and CEO of C. T. Johnson Ministries International (, a non-profit religious organization, Prophet Johnson provides unwavering guidance and vision to empower lives. This organization is a beacon of hope, uniting seekers in their spiritual journey.

Prophet Johnson's legacy of service extends beyond the spiritual realm. Having devoted 23 years and three months to the United States Air Force, he retired at the rank of Master Sergeant. This distinguished military service further attests to Prophet Johnson's unyielding commitment to duty and honor.


Alongside him in this sacred journey is the steadfast Mrs. Jessica D. Johnson, his devoted partner of two decades. She, too, is a beacon of light in her capacity as a licensed minister and psalmist, standing by his side in unwavering support. Together, Prophet Charlton Terrill Johnson and Mrs. Jessica D. Johnson form an indomitable force driven by a shared passion for serving, inspiring, and illuminating the path of faith for all who seek it.

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